Small Balance Commercial Mortgages and Loans

Commercial Funding Source now offers a program for small balance ($250,000+) commercial loans that is more flexible than ever!

Have you ever considered a small balance commercial mortgage? If you haven’t, reconsider. The market is large yet underserved by investors.

For starters, let’s look at some of the major differences between commercial and residential mortgages.

Residential vs. Commercial Mortgage



As you can see, commercial mortgages are more complex but far less regulatory, making the deal easier and quicker to close. To put this into perspective, an investor can own a $1,000,000+ property in 45 days. Or, in the case of refinance, an investor can capitalize on an unlimited cash out in 45 days.

Commercial Property is Good Business

Bottom line: commercial property is GOOD business. Here is why you should be interested in small balance commercial mortgages:

  • Portfolio diversification & new revenue streams in changing markets
  • Less competition- not as crowded as residential
  • Less interest rate driven– value goes beyond rates
  • Fewer disclosure requirements
  • No TRID complications
  • Best of all…it’s fun!

In the past, you may have found that obtaining financing for a small commercial property was time-consuming and complicated, or maybe just out of your reach. Not anymore! This new program makes the process fast and it’s much easier to own a small commercial property. I hope you are as excited about this new program as I am!

If you are interested in learning more or setting up a 15 minute consultation, contact Commercial Funding Source or call (303)-346- 5363.



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