Put Your Stock Portfolio to Work… Twice!

Starting a Business?

Expanding a Business?

Buying Investment Property?

Consider a Credit Line Secured by Your Stock Portfolio!
Welcome to LeverageLine. Simply put, it just might be funding the solution you need. We finance using your stocks, bonds, or other securities which serve as collateral that stays in your own account and nobody else’s. There is no ownership transfer or sale required to fund, and we only use fully licensed institutions for this program.

Your LeverageLine financing allows you to put two asset classes to work, not just one. Keep your securities growing for you while you access the lowest rates, highest loan-to-value and quickest delivery in the market to fund your investment. If you have multiple securities in your portfolio, they will all be averaged together to determine your collateral value for lending purposes.

Here’s what you need to qualify for up to 95% loan-to-value at rates below the best mortgages:

1) Grab a copy of your brokerage statement and
2) apply via a simple, one-page, secure online application. That’s it. You’re approved if your securities qualify, and it’s easy to qualify.

Where’s the catch?
Well,  there’s no catch. It is great financing made conveniently for you.

How it Works:

  • No transfer of ownership of securities to qualify
  • Securities remain in your own, solely owned account
  • Your account is at your licensed, top-tier lending brokerage
  • You can integrate your existing adviser to assist
  • You pay interest only on what you draw
  • Your base loan rate (spread) does not change
  • You can trade in your account
  • You have 24/7 online access
  • You can access your funds in 8 business days on average
  • You will receive a check book and debit card as well
  • You are building a financial relationship with your lending institution
  • Your lender is a top-tier, fully licensed SIPC/FINRA firm
  • Your adviser is a fully licensed Certified Financial Planner
  •  Your LeverageLine quote will not be outbid
  • You will receive premium attention as our client
  • Your loan payments may be tax deductible*
  • You do not sell your stocks to fund this loan
  • You can go from fixed to revolving at any time, free

Not an offer to buy or sell securities. No tax, investment, real estate mortgage, or other advice should be inferred. Please contact a licensed professional for guidance on all tax matters. As with all matters involving securities, there are risks of price fluctuation. Please consult the FINRA website for details.

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