SBA Loans

SBA Loans For Small Businesses

SBA LoansIf you are a small business owner, at Commercial Funding Source, LLC, our small business loan program may be a viable solution to help you acquire the funding your company needs. We have several different financing options to meet the unique requirements of your business.

Our 7(a) Loan Program

At Commercial Funding Source, LLC, each of the long-term and permanent financing options we provide to small businesses, such as our 7(a) loan program, are funded through the Small Business Administration. Regardless of what industry your company is in, you may be eligible for financing.

However, since these loans are provided through the SBA, you must qualify based on size standards set forth by this organization. For example, in most cases, retail companies that generate less than $6,000,00 annually and companies that specialize in manufacturing that keep less than 500 workers on staff may be eligible to acquire this type of financing.

  • Office Buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Manufacturing
  • Child Care Facilities
  • Car Wash Facilities
  • Automotive Repair
  • Shops
  • Professional Buildings
  • Hotels and Motels
  • Restaurants
  • Gas Stations
  • Bed and Breakfasts
  • Franchises
  • Start-ups
  • Single-Use Buildings

504 Loans

If you are a small business owner, you may also benefit from our 504 loan program. We provide up to 80 percent of financing available on equipment acquisitions, two separate loan structures, fixed and variable interest rates on real estate loans and equipment purchases, and more.

Financing for Industrial and Commercial Locations

If you want to purchase, build, renovate, or refinance a restaurant, gas station, auto dealership, repair shop, or another type of qualified structure, we provide existing business acquisition loans, equipment financing, and loans worth up to $5 million.

Our loans up to $5 million are accompanied by the following features:

  • Flexible terms and rates that are some of the most competitive in the industry
  • Loan terms that can be procured for up to 25 years
  • Up to 90 percent financing
  • Full amortization

Additionally, there are no pre-payment penalties on these loans and we will not require you to provide us with pre-qualification letters before funding.

Commercial/Industrial Real Estate Financing

Purchase – Build – Refinance – Renovate – Owner-occupied

  • Non-conforming properties
  • Single-purpose buildings
  • Gas stations
  • Restaurants
  • Repair Shops
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Hotels and motels
  • Convalescent hospitals
  • Veterinary

Existing Business Acquisition Loans

  • Your company’s cash flow & management capabilities are our primary indicators
  • Up to $1.25 million a year
  • Up to 15-year term
  • Up to 80% financing
  • Loans fully amortized, no balloons
  • No pre-payment penalty
  • 48 hour pre-qualification

Equipment Financing

  • Commercial printing and binding 
  • Machine tools
  • Manufacturing Equipment 
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Trucking
  • Medical Equipment
  • Laundry/dry cleaning
  • Diagnostic Equipment

Loans up To $5 Million

  • No cost pre-qualification letters
  • Competitive rates and flexible terms
  • No pre-payment penalties
  • Up to 90% financing
  • Up to 25-year terms
  • Fully amortized
  • Fixed and variable rate options on both 7a and 504 programs

To find out more about our financing options available to small business owners, contact us at Commercial Funding Source, LLC.