Private Equity Financing and Joint Venture Capital

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Private Equity FinancingHaving capital is an essential part of operating and growing your business. Cash gives you the ability to invest in new equipment, hire employees and expand your company. At Commercial Funding Source, LLC, we have a history of helping clients gain access to capital through our creative funding options such as private equity financing. We can introduce capital to your business through working closely with you to develop a funding plan.

How We Can Help

Every financial structure we put together is customized to the client. We are happy to help you in a number of areas, such as:

  • Corporate divestitures
  • Management buyouts
  • Leverage buyouts
  • Growth capital
  • Recapitalizations

We prioritize your success, which is why we lend our expertise to every potential investment. Our team will thoroughly vet a project to ensure it is a sound move. As part of that process, we will take a look at the growth potential of the endeavor as well as its ability to generate cash and value for your business. For your protection, we will also make sure there is an exit strategy in place.

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Our team at Commercial Funding Source, LLC, is proud to offer a variety of quality financial products for your needs. To start exploring our solutions today, please contact one of our representatives and schedule an appointment for a free, no-obligation consultation.