Equipment Financing

Lease Financing for Equipment Purchase

Equipment LeasingCommercial Funding Source makes securing necessary equipment an easy proposition. The equipment your company depends on can be leased through a variety of programs tailored to meet the needs of entities in different stages of growth and development. Equipment leasing is a simple solution to many different concerns.

Types of Leases We Offer

  • Application up to $150,000. No financial statements necessary.
  • Middle market financing up to $500,000
  • Large ticket over $500,000
  • Little or no down payment
  • Numerous payment structures

Why Lease Equipment?

Leasing is a financial service that does not require the client to open a new line of credit. This preserves existing credit lines for other important purchases. Leasing terms are easy to understand and make good sense for small businesses and new companies.

B, C, and D Credits

Companies with a mixed economic history or with poor credit ratings often have difficulty securing equipment financing. These particular leasing programs offer businesses and business owners another opportunity to access competitive leasing terms in order to purchase essential pieces of equipment.

Lease Back

Each item of equipment held by a company has a certain equity value. This value can be accessed by selling the equipment to Commercial Funding. We then present the client with a sum that can be used as working capital. The lease back client retains the equipment and makes payments on their account. Once the amount is repaid, the client regains full ownership of the financed items.

Startup Leasing

New businesses often face difficulty obtaining necessary equipment. We welcome startups and provide leasing options that take into consideration the needs of these particular organizations. Startup leasing options are only available to businesses that have been in operation less than two years.

Municipal and Government

Local and federal government agencies can receive lease financing through Commercial Funding with guaranteed approval. Any government agency, state or federal, can lease equipment through this program. We have worked with agencies such as:

  • Libraries
  • Public schools
  • Fire houses
  • Police departments
  • Armed services

Conveniently Access Essential Equipment

Leasing is a convenient and affordable way for businesses to acquire the equipment necessary for daily operation and future growth. Contact Commercial Funding Source to learn more about these programs.