Consumer Financing

Consumer Finance Program Customized to Your Business

Consumer FinancingAt Commercial Funding Source, LLC, we take pride in our consumer finance program that can be customized to the unique needs of any business that turns to us for assistance. If you take advantage of our consumer financing options, you will not be faced with losing profits due to an unrealized sale. To provide your customers with financing, we can purchase revolving credit agreements, retail installment contracts, or other existing loans from your portfolio.

Benefits for You and Your Customers

Our consumer financing program not only provides you with benefits, but is also advantageous for your customers. This program may benefit your company because it:

  • Will allow you to establish a loyal customer base
  • Increases the chances that a customer will come to you again
  • Can help you build brand awareness

Your customers will benefit from our consumer financing solutions because they will be provided with instant access to revolving credit, can gain approval for credit quickly and easily, and will be able to make continual purchases at your business’ location. Additionally, when we provide financing to your customers, they will be able to pay for the products they purchase over time by making suitable monthly payments.

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