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Commercial Funding Source understands that business and commercial real estate loans are not one size fits all. As your trusted lending resource, our dynamic team puts you first. It is our goal to meet your capital needs.

Gregg Chiasson

Managing Partner – Denver, CO

AY awardGregg is a former 25-year executive in a mobile health care company that is a market leader in its industry. Throughout his career, he has gained significant experience in operations management and business development, managing multi-million dollar operations and reaching significant revenue and volume growth milestones stones through his unique approach to market planning and client management.

Gregg’s current ownership of 3 distinct businesses has given him unique perspective and experience in the world of business ownership especially as it applies to commercial funding, business ownership through franchising and marketing and promotion.

In addition to his career, Gregg holds to a quality work-life balance which enables him to enjoy his family and friends and activities such as boating, ATV riding, bicycling and fitness. He is married to his wife and business partner, Cheryl, and has two sons. Sean is a college graduate who owns a wilderness therapy company and Kyle has joined our funding team as a commercial finance advisor.


Cheryl Chiasson, CFB

Managing Partner, Certified Franchise Broker – Denver, CO

Cheryl spent 30 years in marketing, communications, fundraising development, and client relationship building. Throughout her career, Cheryl excelled in understanding and relating to people, identifying needs and solutions, while focusing on business growth and accomplishments.

Cheryl’s current ownership of 3 distinct businesses has given her a unique perspective and experience in the world of business ownership especially as it applies to commercial funding, business ownership through franchising, and business marketing and networking.

Cheryl is married to Gregg, her business partner, described above. She finds joy in helping others realize their potential, laughing, and making people smile.


Kyle Chiasson

Associate Partner – Walla Walla, WA

commercial-finance-advisor-kyle-chiassonKyle graduated from Walla Walla University in 2015, receiving a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing. In his young career, Kyle has held various jobs in marketing, sales, and finance to prepare him for his role as a Commercial Finance Advisor.

Kyle finds passion in building relationships with people and helping businesses grow. Kyle brings energy, innovation, and work ethic to the Commercial Funding Source team.

Quality friendships, delicious food,  all things sports, and impromptu adventures are a few things Kyle finds joy in.



James McDaniel

Commercial Loan Broker – Austin, TX

Commercial-funding-source-james-mcdanielAfter a career in law enforcement, James began investing in real estate. While working with other real estate investors, James realized a lot of them were having a hard time finding the money to complete their transactions. He saw the value in being able to match other RE investors with lenders. And that is what brought him to Commercial Funding Source.

On a personal note, James lives in Austin, TX with his family. When he isn’t consulting with business owners, he is usually partaking in outdoor activities. Austin is a very outdoor oriented community and James takes advantage of it!